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At Premier Notary Service LLC we specialize in finding the most qualified notary/Attorney for your signings even in the most rural areas of the country! All of our notaries must have a current background check, carry a minimum of 25,000 E&O, and are fully qualified to handle any of your assignments. Premier Notary Service LLC will accommodate your clients schedule any time and anywhere. We have state of the art web based software where you can enter your orders, securely upload documents; and track all the vital details of your closing. . We are available to do closings 24/7, 365 days a year. Give us a call and you will receive the quality work you deserve We understand the current market requires last minute signings that some companies may not be able to accommodate. At Premier Notary Service LLC we are committed to filling those orders in an expediential and efficient manner. We can handle any order, give us a call for your next order.